Friday, September 3, 2010

Detective #28

Batman's second story was not featured on the cover, although there was a notice that he appeared "This Month and Every Month". As the story begins, the newspapers are full of headlines about the local jewel robberies. Bruce, imitating Commissioner Gordon's voice, calls a stool pigeon and puts pressure on him to give up the gang responsible for the thefts. Gimpy tells him that Frenchy Blake's mob's involved and gives him the location of that night's heist.

Batman fights it out with the crooks on a rooftop and casually propels one hood to his death:

The other criminal is captured by the police, who assume that Batman (who escapes) was behind the robberies.

Any thought that perhaps Batman's assailant survived the fall is dispelled a few pages later:

Note in particular the appearance of the mastermind; the monocle and the Van Dyke beard. Batman would face several criminals matching that description in the next year or so; Kane didn't put a lot of variety in his artwork.

Obviously a confession obtained this way wouldn't stand up in court:

After another bit of fisticuffs, Batman drops Frenchy off at the police station with the confession.

Comments: Last of the very short Batman stories; with the next issue Batman would be expanded to 10 pages. The character is still only roughly formed.

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