Sunday, March 20, 2011

Around the Horn

Sorry for the lack of new posts lately but I have been busy with work and at the same time, reading a lot of non-Batman comics. However, to fill in for a bit, here are a couple of items that I recently found interesting:

A complete issue of Batmania the famed fanzine of Biljo White, from about 46 years ago. I was particularly struck by the discussion of whether or not Bob Kane was drawing the comics back then (of course nowadays we know he was not, that most of the work signed by him was actually drawn by Sheldon Moldoff), and the revelation that there were numerous hidden signatures in the artwork by Batman artists like Jerry Robinson. For example:


There is now a YouTube series on an Englishman's attempt to become Batman that is absolutely hilarious. Here's Part I:

Here's Part II, where he goes into training:

There's lots more here. Hat tip to Building Batman, the blog.

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