Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some Favorite Covers

Chess as a metaphor; it doesn't get much better than this one by Dick Sprang.

I purchased this issue at the NY con in 1971; IIRC it ran me $7. The art by Sprang itself is nothing special, but the effect of the Batman logo cascading down the page lends real drama. It's almost as if the reader is the crook being chased by the Dynamic Duo with the Batman, Batman, Batman resounding from behind.

The stark image of the cowl looming behind the sobbing young man makes this a classic.

Although I am not as enamored of this story as most Batman fans, I do think the cover is superb; easily one of the best in the early Silver Age.

I don't know whose decision it was to reprint this page as a photographic negative, but the effect is absolutely electrifying, especially that last panel.

This issue effectively announced the return of Batman as a creature of the night.


  1. I'm with you on 'Robin Dies at Dawn'. Great cover, mediocre story. Batman #23 is the only 40's Batman I own. I used to have #9, but its loss (as well as a dozen or so other 40's comics) is a sad story of parental destruction.

  2. Thanks man for sharing these collection covers of yours! I love them all.