Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Batman's Girlfriends, 1970s Edition

As the Silver Age ended, Batman/Bruce Wayne found himself once again with a shortage of female companions. In Detective #411, a new woman was added to the cast:
Talia would prove an enduring love interest, and her father an endless nemesis for Batman. In that first story, she saves Batman's life by shooting Dr Daark. In Batman #232, both Robin and Talia are apparently kidnapped, but it turns out to be a test:
In Detective #444, Batman apparently kills Talia:
But it turns out to be a convoluted plot by Ras al Ghul to isolate Batman and force him to marry Talia. The saga of Batman and Talia has taken many twists and turns over the years, and I believe in current continuity they have had a son named Damian, although of course that may change on any given week.

In Batman #470, Bruce met Silver St. Cloud, a platinum-blonde convention planner:
They hit it off almost immediately, but the relationship grew strained because Silver was too smart to be fooled by Batman's mask; she quickly recognized her boyfriend under the cowl: But she cannot live with the uncertainty that he might be killed:
And so she walks out of his life essentially forever (she has returned a few times, but never as a serious love interest). That was it for the most part. In the next part of our series, the 1980s, Bruce Wayne found himself with a much more complicated love life.

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