Batman: Bullock's Law

I've talked about my enjoyment of this character before, so when I found this small GN at a local garage sale, I had to pick it up. The name may be a play on the old TV series, Burke's Law. Harvey Bullock finds himself on the horns of a dilemma. Members of the Black Mask gang capture him, but their objective is not to kill him, but to provide him with lots of evidence on rival gangs. The only condition is that he help them out by not testifying against a Black Mast underling named Johnny Poodles. Complicating matters is the fact that Bullock is about to be cashiered out of GCPD for health reasons. He reasons that he might as well bring in a bunch of bad guys while he's trying to lose weight. And as for Johnny Poodles, he finds the answer in an old film:
But a bunch of people notice that Bullock seems to be getting lucky with his busts lately, including a very stylized Batman:
I just love that look. So Harvey seems to be on the Black Mask team, but when it comes to the crucial courtroom scene, he double-crosses his informer:
And when Black Mask's underlings try to kill him for reneging on the deal, he has a surprise waiting for them:
And he figures out a way to deal with the doctor who's about to force him into retirement as well.

Overall, a very entertaining story.  I particularly like the way Harvey's passion for old movies is used to reveal the reasoning behind the decisions he makes.


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  3. Awesome write up. Never really go back to some of these books and give them the attention they deserve.

    Looking forward to your next post (where is it by the way!??!!?!?!).

    I'm actually the EIC over at Unleash The fanboy, so if you ever want to talk shop, feel free to contact me. Actually, I encourage you to. Big fan of the site.


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